Time Travel, Science, Magic, Mysteries, The Great Work

Album is out. You can purchase it here: http://bit.ly/17f4lSC

Thank you’s are in order:

First and foremost, I must thank my manager, Danny Johnson at Topshelf Mgmt. It’s been amazing working with someone with unlimited vision.

Thank you to the entire Topshelf Mgmt team: Sam Luria, Davon Johnson and Nathan Hoy.

Thank you to JMSN, Ayah Marar, Austin Paul, Reva DeVito, Starkey, Xavier, Domonique Porter and Armanni Reign. It’s a blessing to have so many talented artists involved in the making of this album.

Thank you to Devin Landau at Surefire Agency. 

Thank you to Sal, Jefferson, Shin and everyone at The Well in LA for working with us to host the record release party on April 17th.

Additional thanks to Lydia Fong, Shana Fried, Justin Montag, Tommy Capistrano.

Huge thanks to everyone who has supported Symbols Recordings. Especially to the entire roster of likeminded artists who have inspired me so much. My hope is for the label to become a beacon for the music community to promote love, forward-thinking sound, design and creativity. Thank you to Symbols’ social media manager, Sean Tokuyama.

As the saying goes, I’ve chosen to save the best for last. Infinite thanks to Joyce Su, who I dedicate this album to. Joyce, you are my muse and this album simply would not have been what it is without your overwhelming support.

∞ K ∞

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